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Thursday, 16 June 2016


We were up early yesterday and on the road by 7:30. Our destination was Toronto for Mary's pre-op visit. All went well and we were done before 2.

Next stop was Brampton where we drove up and down some of the familiar streets we walked every day years ago; lots of changes and improvements.

We planned to have supper at the Mandarin so we headed there just before 5. We were early and sat in the parking lot until it opened. 

Surprise! All my sisters showed up along with their spouses to celebrate with us. I turned 70 last month and this was a good reason to get together. Mary did an excellent job of organizing it and keeping it a surprise. Truly wonderful!!

Here we are in the "fish" room at the Mandarin.

The ladies posed for a picture. So good to get together.

Supper was over too soon.

A few last words in the parking lot, then hugs for everyone.

Time to head for home. 

Thanks everyone for coming, you made the day special.


  1. Hi Lori;

    Surgery will take place June 20th at St Michael's hospital in Toronto. The surgery will last about an hour and a half and they will keep Mary overnight, maybe two if she is in a lot of pain. Our surgeon DR Das has been wonderful and he is very confident Mary will have immediate relief once the incision has healed. Thanks for asking.
    We are in Bolton at out daughter's and will head home this morning.

  2. Congratulations, Art, for your 70th birthday!
    Looks like it was a big and pleasant surprice.
    When do you hear about the results from Mary's

  3. Hi Ad and Gertie;

    You must have been typing the same time I was posting the above message. Mary will get her time of operation today. We are headed home later this morning but will return to Toronto on Sunday and stay with our daughter. She lives close to the hospital so it will be an easy walk over Monday morning.
    Thanks for asking and the birthday wishes.

    Chat soon

  4. So glad all went well with the pre op. OH Art I am thrilled that Mary was able to keep that get together at the Mandarin such a surprise. 70 now we are twins LOL. Thinking of you both !!! Hope all goes well next week.

  5. Hi Pat;

    Yes, taken totally by surprise; even after my first sister pulled in I just thought she happened to be in town and picked the same restaurant. (Thought process is getting slower as I age)
    Very happy to have a date and time for Mary's operation. Doctor is very confident that improvement will be almost immediate. Mary should be out felling trees by July.
    Thanks for keeping the secret.
    Chat soon.