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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I was up and at the hospital before 8 this morning. Dr Das came in and checked on Mary. The incision looks good. He explained that he removed some of the L2 and L3 vertebra and cleaned up around the nerve so that it wouldn't get pinched.

Now Mary needs to heal from the operation and get mobile again.

Yesterday Leanne visited and helped to cheer her Mom up. Mary was very groggy from the surgery and not very sociable which is understandable.

Not sure when she will be discharged or when we will be home. It all depends on her progress.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes. It is difficult to respond to everyone but I hope this site keeps you sufficiently informed.

I'll post again tomorrow.


  1. Thank you Art for posting Mary's progress. I'll pass it on so our groups can continue to pray for her.

  2. Thanks for the update!! Give Mary my love.

  3. Thanks everyone. I'll pass on your words of encouragement to Mary. She is looking forward to getting home.