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Saturday, 11 June 2016


Every four years the LOG Expo comes to Bancroft. It is an opportunity for manufacturers of logging equipment to display and demonstrate their products.

This truck is typical of the ones used to haul logs from the bush to the mill.

I like this trailer as I could connect it to my truck and load it with the attached boom. Looks perfect for the small operator.
This is a portable sawmill that can be set up for a day or week and quickly turn your logs into boards.

This one is demonstrating how easy it gets the job done. The bandsaw effortlessly sliced through the log. You decide on the thickness of cut and then simply crank the handle to work the blade through the log.

By Sunday these logs will all be turned to boards. They even have portable planers if you prefer smooth boards.

Lots of smaller tool on display too. This little saw and jig from Makita easily cuts into a square log to make a mortise and tendon cut. If I was building a log cabin I would want this tool.
Even got a chance to have a short visit with Peter who was helping out at the Northwood booth with Edward.

It was a great expo and I'm sure they will be busy again today.

Logging, it's the main industry in these parts and most jobs are related to it in some way.

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