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Monday, 25 January 2016


We had a wonderful three days with Owen, Sherri and Rob and attended Neal and Blaze's wedding on Sunday. We took so many pictures because we were having such a great time. I'll add captions as I find time but we must soon leave Bolton and head back to Bancroft. Enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the celebration.

Leanne and Margaret chatting.

Sarah, Paul, Jane and Andrew.

Rory,Olga and Mary.

Gathering before the ceremony.

Andrew and Mary

Leanne and Sherri enjoying some time with their aunt Olga.

The ceremony, Blaze and Neal sharing their vows.

Mary surrounded by her nieces. It was so much fun getting caught up on their busy lives.

The men found a quiet corner and shared a few laughs.

This special occasion was celebrated at the fabulous Pangaea restaurant on Bay street. Loved the interior decor and the food was over the top delicious.

Neal chatting with a few of the guests.

Uncle Andrew entertaining Rebecca and Jason.

Blaze on the dance floor.

Lining up for dessert. 

It was a fabulous evening enjoyed by all.

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