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Wednesday 27 January 2016


We love the view and really have no need for blinds as there are no neighbours close enough to worry about. 

However there are days when the sun blasts in and Mary needs to protect the furniture, so blinds seemed the obvious solution.

First task was to locate the position and attach the clips provided.

These clips make the job of hanging the blind a snap. (no pun intended)

Place the blind into the bottom lip of the clip and "snap" into place. The blind is held securely and operates freely thanks to the attached pull-cord.

With the blind down, the sun is diffused enough to prevent Mary's hanging quilts from fading. 

I should mention that the last blind was the most challenging. All others went together no problem. This one required a shim and three attempts before I found a secure anchor spot for the screws. Now it's in and done and I'll leave it alone.

Can you guess how long it took us to hang five blinds? 

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. 5.5 hours? They look good though!

  2. 5.5 hours? They look good though!

  3. Very close Sherri. We worked three hours in the morning and another two after lunch, and I agree, they do look good.