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Saturday, 2 January 2016


I bought my computer at Costco, November, 2014. I also bought the extended warranty for $69.00. I've had three occasions to call support and ask for help. Every time they have been very patient and helpful with this old fool.

This week a new issue occurred.  I couldn't get my computer to connect successfully to our TV screen, so I called customer support.

I love these people, friendly, patient, helpful and available 24/7. Health care for us old guys should be just as convenient and friendly.

Anyway, we worked together on the issue for over an hour. You know how it goes, they get permission to get into your computer while you sit there and watch things happen on the screen. 

After every attempt failed it was decided it wasn't a software problem but a hardware malfunction of the VGA port. (no idea what that stands for but it doesn't matter) So off to the repair shop.

Now we are 10 km from town back in the bush and winter has arrived big time.

No problem. UPS will drop off a box in two business days for me to pack my computer in along with the power cord. When packed, I call UPS and they will pick it up and deliver it to the service depot in Markham; no charge. 

Another 6-9 business days and the computer should be back at our house good to go.

Total cost: 0 

You can't complain about the service and support you get from Costco. Love the fact I can call customer help line any time day or night and I get an English speaking individual who understands my frustrations and walks me through the problem so I can get back to posting on my blog.

Costco ............ why would I shop anywhere else?

And our health care is slowly embracing modern communications and moving in the same direction. I wouldn't be surprised that a visit to the doctor's office will, in many cases, be replaced by telecommunications from home to the doctor's office.

 It's a remarkable age we live in.

Now if I don't post for a while, don't worry, I haven't died just don't have a computer that works.

Safe travels everyone.

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  1. I wouldn't underestimate your technical abilities, Art. You seem to have figured out a whole bunch of stuff that would baffle most whippersnappers. Plus, sounds like it took the tech a while to make a diagnosis, too. I've always balked at those expensive extended warranties. Maybe I'd better rethink.