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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


It's a typical November day here, grey, overcast and hovering around 0. We've had some snow the past few days but just a dusting so far. No need to plow the driveway yet but the sanders have been out on the roads.

This downy woodpecker along with the occasional nuthatch and chickadee visit our feeders and keep us entertained. 

The squirrels occupy another section of our yard feeding from the seeds we scatter on the deck. The red squirrels in particular are very brave and look in our windows if the seeds haven't been put out. Cheeky devils they are.

Later today we will hike the trails through our bush and mark the trees along our snowshoe path. In another month we should have enough snow to make use of the snowshoes.

Off to get new tires for my truck. Stay warm and safe travels Bob.

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