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Friday, 13 November 2015


Today we drove to Owen Sound to go toy shopping. Owen was promised a Lego toy if he took his medicine. He checked all the models and picked the biggest box he could find but Oma convinced him that this one was just as good...........

Once he had his toy he was ready to go home.

Back at the resort Owen and Grandpa spent hours reading instructions and finding the right parts. Owen was a big help and I was amazed at how well he did putting the toy together.

All done and very happy to have his own fire-truck. It even has doors that open and a ladder that swings and goes up and down. WOW! love the toys they have for kids today.

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  1. Wow it took a while to get all caught up with your ongoing news. The trip to Thornbury looks like it was perfect. OH Lego what would these young lads do without it. I agree that the instruction booklets are fabulous. It is amazing how they quickly learn the procedure. Neil wants a particular set for Christmas and then found a second choice....he quickly realized that if Mason asked for one then they could have them both !! Such logic. As a treat for Neil they took him to Legoland in the Vaughan Mills plaza. He is still talking about it. They made it a special day just for Neil and I had the luxury of a day just with Mason. Neil was in such awe of Legoland and knowing it was special for him he was very very good about selecting an inexpensive toy. ( He is still hoping for a big set for Christmas !!)