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Thursday, 19 November 2015


Yesterday I drove to Peterborough for my bi-annual cardiologist visit. I was booked for a stress test which included an ultrasound imaging of my heart. 

They hooked all those electrical devices to my chest and then I got up on the treadmill, thinking they would run me to exhaustion. Not the case; just a steady increase in speed and incline until I reached my targeted heart rate. All went fine and I didn't collapse or have to terminate the test early.

Next was a consultation with my cardiologist. He looked at the results, the video clips of my heart pumping and concluded that all was normal. No clogged arteries, no enlarged heart or visible damage. Yea! Next appointment is scheduled for October 2017.

Now I just need to walk every day and avoid the sweets that I love and all should be fine. That's a tall challenge especially with the holiday season approaching followed by a month of birthdays and travel which always destroys my good intentions.

Today I plan to stack the firewood Jamie split for us on Tuesday, if the rain holds off. Otherwise I'll walk and find something inside to do.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us and remember to stay active.


  1. We stacked our wood this year using the "Holz Housen" (Wood House) method. Saw it in Maynooth.