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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Our internet service allows us to use 40 GB per month at regular speed. Once we exceed that allotment our service is slowed and uploading pictures becomes very time consuming. Last week we exceed our quota so I stopped posting on our blog. 

Today we start a new "internet" month and we are back to our regular upload speed. I have no complaints about our service and have been happy with Xplornet since we signed on a few months ago. 

This is the first time we've exceeded our limit and it was due to our use of an off site data storage service we signed up for last month. Downloading all my computer data took more time and space than I expected. Now that it is done we are good to go.

The highlight of the week and indeed the summer was our camping trip with Owen. 

He is only three and this was his first overnight trip without his parents. We stayed close to home just in case someone needed mommy. That didn't happen and we had three wonderful days together.

My awning stick you see in Owen's hands was a big source of entertainment on Saturday. He spent hours poking and pulling everything he could reach with the stick. He even got under the trailer and banged on the water tanks just to make sure everything was "safe". 

The beach was another great way to spend a few hours. Although the campground was full the beach was empty. We were surprised but happy to have the beach to ourselves.

Back at the campsite it was time to relax with Oma. Can you tell Owen likes to copy what the adults are doing? Oma was stretched out in her chair so Owen was going to stretch out in his.

Can't wait till next year when we can do it again. Maybe we need to take Owen to Florida this winter. 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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