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Saturday, 29 August 2015


Managed to catch this hummingbird about to land on our feeder. (note the feet down for the landing) The second softer image of the feeder is a reflection from the window I'm shooting through.

They are very territorial and guard the feeder as if they had exclusive rights to it. I think the top one is the owner the bottom one is the intruder being chased off. They move so fast and get so close, it amazes me they don't collide.

Mary discovered yesterday that a colony of wasps occupy  her garden. Their nest must be underground as she didn't see it but was swarmed while pulling weeds on her hugo hill. 

This morning her eye is swollen shut and she feels miserable. No party for her today.

I think we are ready for cooler weather and fewer wasps as this is the second time Mary has been swarmed this summer. Must do some research to see what can be done to prevent them from using the garden as a home next year.  

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Mary! I'm so sorry you got swarmed. That looks so sore.Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Hi Rhonda;
    Thanks for asking. Mary is feeling much better today (Monday) The swelling has gone down considerably not 100% yet but much better. We now have wasp spray and will try it once the day is over and the cooler evening temperatures are here. Apparently that is when most of them are in the nest. As for the nest in the ground we still need to find it and then decide on a plan of attack.
    Thanks for keeping an eye on us.

  3. Glad to hear Mary is feeling better.
    I didn't know that they made nests in the ground. Learn something everyday!