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Friday, 14 August 2015


Mary asked me to check the breaker on our panels yesterday as the amps we were collecting on such a beautiful day seemed low.

That grey box high on the pole contains two breakers and for some unknown reason one had tripped.This happened last month as well so next week Mike is coming out to replace it.

What I discovered at the base shocked me more. Something had actually dug up our electrical conduit while we were away last week. I have no idea what might have done it but my best guess is some large animal that was after a chipmunk that might have scooted down the big O pipe for safety. I'll let Mike take a look and give me his version when he is here next week.

It would appear that they chewed the end right off the pipe. If that's the case it wasn't a small animal doing the chewing. 

Just a little mystery we hope to solve.

As my Dad would say "Always something"

Enjoy the day and safe travels everyone.


  1. wow, Art. I can't imagine what animal would chew off a hefty piece of pipe after digging it out like that. Is a little mouthful of chipmunk really worth it? Or maybe the chipmunk just said too many bad words to the animal?

  2. Yes, a lot of effort just to have a chipmunk for breakfast; why not go after our chickens? Wish I had a trail camera so I could see what actually did it. Hopefully Mike will have a better idea on Monday.