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Thursday 9 April 2015


The weather didn't look good when we checked the internet yesterday morning. Once we got the sap into the evaporator the next job was to get a cover up and over so we could keep the rain off the pans.

Shelter was up by 9 and we thought we were ready for whatever the weatherman sent our way.

We even managed to collect 115 litres of sap in the day.

We kept the fire hot and the sap moving forward.

We wanted to be done by 5.

Afternoon tea (sap tea) by the fire. It's a sweet tea, very delicious.

At 3 this storm rolled through and we were glad to have some protection. I think something more permanent is needed. Maybe I can get Paul to help since he will soon be retired.

At 4 we moved our operations onto our deck and finished the sap boiling on our propane cooker.

This morning we are having pancakes and sausages along with homemade maple syrup. Time to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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