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Thursday 2 April 2015


After breakfast we decided to finish boiling the sap we started yesterday. Unfortunately before we reached the syrup stage we broke our hydrometer. This is an essential part of the maple syrup process as it accurately measures the density of the syrup and tells us when it is time to bottle.

A quick phone call to camp Can-Aqua where we buy our supplies and we were back in business.

We move the pot inside as we get closer to the actual bottling stage. In just a few minutes the syrup can bubble up and overflow the pot if one isn't diligent. 

Here I keep an eye on the boiling sap while Mary gets the bottles sterilized and ready for the syrup.

A steady hand is needed to fill the bottles. 

Once filled the bottles are placed on their side to seal the lids.

From our 115 litres of sap that we started with yesterday we ended up with 2.5 litres of delicious, sweet maple syrup.

Still a long way from the 25 litres we hope to make this year.

The sun is shining, it's 14*C outside and I need to get out and collect more sap.

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