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Sunday, 5 April 2015


Owen has been on an Easter egg hunt this morning.

Mary, Leanne and Sherri spent hours painting eggs and decorating the house ready for this morning.

A special tool was used to make the black lines.

The tool is heated over a candle to melt the bees wax so it will flow over the eggs.

Leanne made dyes from vegetables we had in the house.

Eggs on the tree.

Happy Easter

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  1. OH seeing the eggs reminded me when we did this craft at Huttonville PS. Mary were you there in those days ? It was such fun....a Eukranian tradition I do believe. I still have the ones that I made so yours brought back fond memories. I put ours out this Easter midst all our renovations. They get put away carefully each year. Had the boys here today and we made a bunny cake. It was so much fun working together. They had an Easter egg hunt at a local Maple Syrup farm....complete with pancakes and sausages. They called it a sapsuckers event. So glad you had your family together for this very special time of the year All the best to you and yours.