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Friday 3 April 2015


Yesterday afternoon was perfect for collecting sap. We reached a high of 16*C (60.8*F) and as you can see we've lost a lot of snow here this week.

Our sap is collected by hand and then dumped into a holding pot on the sleigh we use. It is a basic system but is effective and allows us to tap over 40 trees this year.

We measure each bucket so we know how much sap we collect each day. 

Mary is keeping a log book for future reference. We have noticed that some trees produce twice the sap as others, not sure why.

Yesterday's collection was 47 litres which gives us a total of 96 litres in storage.

As you read this I'm outside by the fire-pit boiling down the sap which will take about 10 hours.

Owen will be here later today and we are looking forward to having a family Easter together. Maybe in a few years he will be looking after the fire for his grandpa or helping Oma collect sap from the trees.

Enjoy the day and safe travels everyone.


  1. My guess is some trees get more sun.
    have a wonderful family time!! give my love to everyone.

  2. Thanks Rebecca;

    Strange about the trees. They can be side by side and produce different amounts.
    We are having fun with Owen. Enjoy the holiday and thanks for keeping an eye on us.