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Tuesday 17 June 2014


Our trip south to see Carol and Don was a little different this time. I decided we would avoid the drive and take the bus and train as an experiment. 

For those not living in Ontario our regional network is called GO. It services most communities in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) by bus or train. We can get on the GO in Peterborough and it will take us right through to St. Catharines, a distance of about 250 km.  for $30.00 (adult) $15.00 (senior)

Sean was kind enough to drop us off at the bus stop and look after our car for the week.

We took the double-decker bus to Oshawa where we got the GO train to Burlington and then the Go bus to St. Catharines. Total time was about 4.5 hours with very little wait time at the stations.

The trip was very relaxing, especially avoiding the driving across Toronto where traffic flows bumper to bumper on 10 lanes in each direction. 

We both agreed we would do it again and maybe take our bikes next time we go.

I didn't get any pictures of the train as I was focused on looking after luggage and making sure we were on the right platform.

The GO system is run on the honour system. There are no conductors on the trains so you buy a ticket from the machine and just get on. They do have ticket spotters who ride the trains (without notice)  and ask to see your ticket but we didn't see any on our way down.

Coming home we were asked twice to produce our tickets which we did. If caught without a ticket you are fined and given a court date to see the judge. Really not worth trying to get a free ride as the cost is so low in my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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