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Saturday, 7 June 2014


As you can see there was a good turnout of all ages for the Switchyard BBQ last night.  This is their annual fund raiser with all the money going to run programs for kids. 

The name Switchyard comes from the location of the building where the programs are held. It is located behind the old train station in Bancroft where the switching yards for the trains used to be located.

Besides the BBQ they had a silent auction table. Here you dropped your raffle tickets for the items you were interested in. At the end of the evening a ticket from each bag was drawn and the lucky holder went home with a very nice prize.

They also had a live auction with the proceeds going to the Switchyard and the kids in town.

It was a fun night, lots of burgers, salads and pies to enjoy and prizes to win.

Today we are heading north to Maynooth for their Saturday Farmers' Market. The sun is shining, the mosquitoes are out and the lake water is warming up; summer has arrived.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. The joys of living in rural Ontario. You are obviously enjoying life to the fullest. Farmer's Markets are so great. We have 2 in our Tues and the other Friday. Anxiously awaiting more fresh produce. I said I would NOT complain about mosquitoes after the winter we had but they do take the fun out of gardening. Just wondering how your rhubarb survived after the transplanting from here. Mine is very productive this spring. Let me know if you need another root??? Art I can still see you digging it up...not an easy chore. Lisa and I are still planning a visit.....must come up with a date that all can accommodate. Thinking of you both.....Pat

  2. Hi Pat. Yea...this life is great! The rhubarb survived. Looks good. It will take a year to settle in. A neighbour gave me some of theirs today and I made a berry rhubarb cobbler. Smells so good! Used my countertop oven :). Send a couple of dates that are good for you guys. Looking forward to the visit.