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Wednesday 18 June 2014


When was the last time you were on a carousel? They still exist but you don't see them very often. There are just 350 antique hand carved carousels left in all of North America.

This carousel was built in 1905 and is located in St. Catharines, Ontario. It costs 5 cents to ride it and we had a blast acting like kids again.

The figurines are beautiful and all were hand carved between 1898 and 1905 in Brooklyn, New York. This carousel was purchased from Scarborough (part of Toronto) in 1921 and our children rode it in the 70s when cotton candy and whirly gig birds were sold by carnie men working the rides. At one time there were 58 rides in the park but now just the carousel remains.

There are 68 animals on the carousel all beautifully restored and maintained by "Friends of the Carousel".

St Catharines has an abundance of parks and bicycle trails.  The Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie is one you will enjoy especially if you ride the carousel.

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun! Have you ever seen/ridden this one?