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Monday, 9 June 2014


We finally got our BBQ fired up for the first time this year. The middle of June seems a little late but I wasn't about to stand out there with a million black-flies and mosquitoes also looking for a meal. 

We use a charcoal barbecue  which eliminates a tank and the possibility of us running out of fuel before our meal is cooked. It's a long walk back into town to get a tank filled before the food gets cold.

Burgers, steaks, chicken and sausages all taste better done over a bed of hot coals. The BBQ heats up quickly and with a ceramic lid we can even make pizza. It's great. Once done we close the lid shut the vents and the coals go out saving them to be used next time.

The view from the deck on a warm summer night. With a little breeze the mosquitoes disappear and the setting sun makes the day perfect.

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