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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Moving Stumps

Today was a very productive day. The weather was perfect for working outside and there were no bugs in the bobcat. Last year Steve had piled stumps along the ridge where we want to build the house. He placed them there with the excavator as he cleared the building site of trees. It was my job to move them out of the way this spring. Well today the job got done.

Typical tree stump I moved today.

Now our building site is clear and ready for the excavator.

In just a few months our house will sit in the middle of this clearing. This will be a busy summer for us.
Had one little mishap while moving the stumps. I put the bobcat up on her nose when I was attempting to move one real large stump. It happened so quickly that it threw me up against the door. No serious injury or damage, just a lesson in why I need to use the seat-belt when working with the machine.

Happy Birthday Connie! Hope you enjoyed the chocolate. OOPS! now you will have to share with Andrew.

Have a great day and drive safely.

1 comment:

  1. Wow it really looks different with the stumps gone. Good work today Art,
    Play safe. I want you around for a lot more years!