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Friday, 13 May 2011

Back in the City

Had a doctor's appointment, so I'm back in Toronto for a few days visiting family and friends. First stop was Mount Sinai Hospital for a quick visit with the audiologist then out to take some pictures.

University Avenue is always busy and today there were lots of pedestrians enjoying a few minutes in the sunshine.

Some lingered longer when they found a bench in the sun.

Do you recognize this building? It is the latest addition to the ROM and is designed to resemble ice breaking up on a lake.

The canyons of Bloor Street.

When we see these trucks lined up around a city block we know what is happening ................... a movie scene is being shot nearby. Didn't see the actors, didn't see the shoot, only saw the trucks and thought of you Sherri.

Looking out across the "Distillery District"  This is a beautifully restored area of old building used by Seagram back in the 1920's for making distilled liquors.

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  1. Great shots, looks like you had a good time and perfect weather for checking out the city.