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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

Sean and I have been busy getting ready for winter. We haven't even had summer and we are thinking winter; that's the way it is in the north. If you don't split wood in the spring, you have no heat in the winter, so we have been cutting and splitting wood for two days. The pile looks good and I think it will keep us warm for maybe a month.

We borrowed a log splitter from our neighbours, thanks Kim and Charlotte, and it made the job so much easier. I kept thinking about my grandparents who homesteaded in Saskatchewan with just hand tools and horses. How did they do it?

After a few hours this is the pile we had.

Today we tackled these logs and they are now ready for the fireplace.

After a full day of work it was a treat to sit outside and watch the sun go down.
Safe travels and thanks for dropping by.

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