This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Saturday, 18 April 2020


It's been a quiet week with most mornings looking like this; a light dusting of snow covering the ground. We are following the guidelines to stay home and reduce our chances of exposure to the COVID 19 virus. I don't think Mary has been to town in three weeks.

We do get visitors, these little guys show up each morning looking for breakfast.

Our raised garden beds are begging for attention but it is still too cold and too early to plant. We have started seeds indoors as well as sprouts for our salads.  Mary is the gardener I simply enjoy the fruits of her labour. She calls me for the heavy lifting and building more raised beds, otherwise the gardens are her domain.

I did have to take my truck in for repairs this week. I thought it was a seized brake but it turned out to be a faulty wheel bearing that needed to be replaced. Fortunately all work was covered by the warranty.

That Birch tree you see lying in the bush needs to be cut into firewood, a job for next week.

Today is Owen's birthday. Another eight years and he can drive is dad's truck. Although we can't be together because of C-19 we will celebrate over the phone and enjoy the cake Mary made this morning. I've tasted the icing ((creamcheese, butter, cocoa powder and xylitol) and it's delicious. The cake will be just as tasty.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!! Love you and hugs from Oma and Grandpa.

Enjoy the day everyone and stay safe.


  1. Saw a video with you two on youtube and I loved it and had to check out your blog! I love the lifestyle and wish to live a similar one soon! Ps- do you guys ever talk about how you started your blog ans how others can do the same?

  2. Hi; Thanks for your comment. We started the blog back in 2008 since we were travelling 6 months of the blog allowed us to stay connected with family. Glad you enjoyed the video and hope you get to try out this lifestyle.