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Monday, 16 September 2019


Today we went looking for blackberries with Linda and Durl. It's impossible to tell from this picture just how rutted and rough the old logging road was. Durl did a good job of keeping all four wheels firmly connected to the ground ................ most of the time.

We even stopped and hiked some trails but no berries could be find.

Our last stop was an old mining site and there they were these tiny illusive berries hanging on prickly branches just waiting for us to arrive. Picking must be done carefully as every branch is totally covered by thorns. It's wise to wear an old ragged shirt as your skin and garments will be pierced often as you reach for every berry. It's a lesson in dexterity.

Mary seemed immune to the spikes and was actually delighted to be out in the wilds harvesting what grows naturally just a short bumpy ride from our door.

No blood visible as she moved quickly to fill her bucket. Said it reminded her of picking berries as a little girl on Mr. Bird's farm.

We came home with a total of  4.7 pounds of berries thanks to Linda and Durl's very kind contribution.

Tomorrow we head further north for a few days in Algonquin Park. Not sure if I will be able to get an internet signal there.

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