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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Baking, building, planting, just another typical day back here in the bush.

We were up at 6 getting the oven and pots ready for baking bread. Mary makes such delicious breads they don't last very long.

Once that was done I was off to the lumberyard for some 2x10s to make a stand for our water tanks.

Mary got busy quilting, then took a break and did some planting as we are anxious to get the seeds germinated and into our gardens.

We moved Carol's greenhouse into our raised garden bed where we could anchor it and cover it if it needs extra protection.

Lots of seeds planted today. I believe these are tomato plants.

Our cold-frame is full so it is great to have the extra protected space in the portable greenhouse.

Once I had all the wood home and cut this project went together very quickly.

Next job is to modify the downspout and install a slide valve to divert the rainwater. I'll post more pictures once that has been completed.

Now it's time to relax and enjoy some jam and bread.

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  1. OH Mary and Art we are always inspired by your love of all things natural and substaining. Our dear daughter Lisa has just conquered making delicious sour dough bread and has been accepted to sell it at our 3 local farmer's markets. We are so proud of her endeavours. Wish we had the energy that you both have as well as Lisa's....LIfe is GOOD when you are in tune with nature and reaping its rewards. Cheers to you and ART as you continue to inspire us and make us exhausted with all your many projects. LOVE YA to pieces.