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Saturday 25 July 2020


We did our usual drive north to the Combermere farmers' market this morning. It was  perfect day for a meander through the countryside.

Penny was eager to get out and meet the people so I looked after her while Mary did the shopping; a bag of bones for Penny and romaine lettuce for us.

Most people were wearing masks and keeping their social distance from strangers; except those lined up for donuts. They were eager to eat and bunched up tightly hoping to get their order placed before the donuts all disappeared.

On the way home we found this beach; a spot we will bring Kate and Owen to next time they are up. The water was warm and shallow ringed by a beach of soft sand, a perfect spot for a summer afternoon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and warm weather; preferably at the beach somewhere.

Stay safe and healthy and thanks for stopping by.

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