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Tuesday 14 July 2020


Sunday found us without hot water.. I checked the water heater and discovered the pilot light was out. This is usually a simple fix, one I've done many times.

This time I couldn't get the pilot light to stay lit and in my rush to get it working held the button down too long. When it finally did ignite it blew the vent cover off the top of the tank.

Concerned that there might be some serious damage done I turned off the gas and left the tank until Monday when the local service department would be open. Byers Heating and Air-conditioning in Bancroft was excellent. They were able to send a service truck that afternoon and within a couple of hours the damage had been repaired, the burner cleaned and the tank once again producing hot water.

Life is so much better when everything is working as it should.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping an eye on us.

Stay safe and well.

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