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Friday 3 July 2020


Penny sleeps a lot. This is to be expected as she is only nine weeks old and sleeps most of the day. We usually find her snuggled against our boots, a table and the wall or squeezed into the tiny space under our shelves. I think she likes having something up against her body.

She prefers to have her head elevated and since we don't have a "doggy pillow" she uses a stuffed toy to give her that comfortable position. Doesn't look that comfortable to me.

Today we cleaned out the chicken pool and Penny was there to help. In and out numerous times and...

checking to make sure we did it right. Mary feeds her at 12:30 and places her food inside the crate while Penny waits to be allowed in. Today we found her sitting in her crate, waiting for her lunch. We were so busy we forgot about the time but she didn't; she's so smart.

Now she's off in dreamland, content to let the day go by eating, sleeping and playing. It's a tough life being a dog.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe everyone.

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