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Monday 28 January 2019


This is our "yoga" view. Yes, our bodies have reached that stage where they need HELP! They're stiff, slow and unresponsive at times. When we move we ache, when we walk we wobble, when we sit we sit too long. Time for a change and a challenge and believe me doing yoga stretches before the sun comes up is a challenge. But once the sun peaks over the horizon the view is inspiring.

This is my favourite view ..................... flat on my back ................... a two minute rest. It's also my best pose.

While I struggle with the balance, and holding still for 10 seconds the view keeps changing, distracting me and causing me to lose my concentration.

So far no injuries and I haven't fallen against the wood stove.

Still waiting to see a twenty year old body looking back from the mirror but I guess that will take more than three weeks of stretching.

Time for breakfast then a snowshoe across the lake.

Stay warm and safe everyone.

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