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Friday, 29 June 2018


Now that we are home we are trying to get back to our Keto diet. This delicious chocolate cake is actually healthy for you. It's full of healthy fat, flax seed, almond flour, and topped with whipped-cream and served with strawberries. Makes my mouth water just typing this.

On a totally different note I've been nursing my computer all the way across Canada. Jim worked his magic on it while we were in Vancouver and then I taped the cord in place so it would charge. The bumpy roads around Elliot Lake wiggled that lose and so may computer died shortly after getting home.

I figured it was time for a new computer or at least an expensive electronic repair. I took it in to a repair shop in Bancroft and I might as well been talking to the wallpaper, so insensitive was the clerk. Didn't even look at the computer when shown.

Next day we were going to Peterborough so I called CompuClinic on George St. to see if they do electrical repairs. Took it in and in a few minutes left with a working computer. All it needed was a new power cord. Honest, helpful people; that's the way all business should be run.

If you need computer repairs check out their web site. Click - (HERE)

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  1. Mary, This cake looks delicious! Could I have the recipe please?