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Tuesday, 5 June 2018


British Columbia has some of the best hot springs in the world and Nakusp has two of them. We  hiked this trail up to the falls before relaxing in the town hot spring.

At first I thought this was a pavilion and was ....

surprised to discover it was a covered bridge built by Margaret's boss and crew. Margaret is Mary's niece who is in a carpenter apprentice program here in Nakusp.

This is a beautiful area to hike through, easy trails, and the morning light was perfect.

Can you tell we are having fun!!!!

Long before we got to the falls we could see the mist and hear the thunder.

The volume of water rushing through this canyon was deafening and the picture doesn't come close to capturing the experience. You need to stand there and feel as well as see it move.  We were extra cautious as there are no railings and the ground was slippery.

Once over the falls the water churns through the canyon and under the covered bridge we walked across earlier.

After such a spectacular hike the hot springs seemed anti-climatic, very enjoyable and appreciated but we were still talking about the hike. Soon after, a bear was spotted just outside but by the time I got my camera he was gone.

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