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Wednesday, 6 June 2018


We took this logging road back into the mountains today looking for old growth cedars. The drive was slow and easy and fortunately we met no one coming the other direction. We did see fresh signs of bear, cougar and moose but never actually saw one as we hiked into the forest.

Trudy knows the locations that the tourists never see and the type of site we like to visit. We walked in silence almost with reverence for the trees.

I was truly impressed. These are massive trees, growing far longer and larger than any tree I've ever seen.

Did I mention HUGE!!!

Truly G..I..A..N..T..S of the forest.

Now there's just a few left in pockets, scattered where few people see them. Once they provided shelter, transportation and clothing for the Haida. Today we can only sit in awe and silence, and reflect on what once was.

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