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Monday, 18 June 2018


This morning finds us camping at Creekside RV Park, just east of Regina. I expect we will be home this weekend.

Yesterday before leaving the Grasslands NP they served "cowboy coffee"

While the coffee was brewing we sat around and heard stories of the pioneers who had ranches in what is now the park. I was able to share stories about my own grandparents who homesteaded in Saskatchewan at the same time but further north.

On the drive out we stopped at several sites to see remains of those ranching days. Here off in the distance stands an old corral.

There are also over 1,000 identified sites of native Indian activity. These people did not stay in the park but were nomadic following the bison throughout the year.

Tipi rings are the easy signs to spot of this early culture. Look carefully, can you see the ring of stones?

Here Mary is standing inside a ring high on the edge of a valley which was a preferred location. The stones were used to anchor the bottom of the tipi and keep it from blowing over.  From this location the Indians could watch for bison and the breeze kept the bugs away.

We will soon be into northern Ontario and the provincial parks there do not offer internet service. It will be a challenge to keep posting and so if nothing appears for a few days just know we are fine and unable to connect.

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