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Thursday, 24 November 2016


Our first loaf of sourdough bread came out of the oven an hour ago and it is disappearing quickly. So incredibly delicious. Makes my mouth water just looking at the picture and the house is filled with this delicious aroma. What could be better than sitting by our wood stove, enjoying fresh bread and a bowl of homemade soup as we watch the snow gently falling on our pond.

Last week we bought several large bags of grain from Oak Manor mill in Tavistock. If you are searching for organic grains to make your own breads this is the place to go; friendly, informative and a small family run business right here in Ontario. Check their variety of grains HERE.

It didn't rise as much as we anticipated but we are delighted with the taste and texture. A few changes in the dough and starter and we think we can improve on the height of the bread. Considering this is our first loaf we are very pleased.

Be sure to call ahead if you want to sample a slice.

Time to try another piece.

Safe travels and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Do I also see some chocolate bars in that pantry of yours :-)

  2. Nothing wrong with your eyesight Lori. I always stock up at the Lindt outlet in Brampton whenever we are in the area. It's a bad habit I started when we lived there.

    1. Have you ever tried Donini chocolate from Belleville? It is our favourite so far.

  3. The Lord surely orchestrated that day at the hospital!! I'm still praying for you Mary that the treatment will do its job and you are pain free. Just looking at your pictures of the bread make me want to get back to baking bread that my Mom taught me taught me to do 50 years ago. Nothing smells better!!
    I had Tina for a visit yesterday. She came for a week to see her mom and on Tues she's flying to Mexico for the winter.