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Friday, 25 November 2016


Some days are better than others. Most days I need help just getting through the basics. Today I need major support, a little handout won't do.

Problem is winter has arrived and I can't find the snow shovel. I even looked up in the attic and why I would think it might be there is beyond me but it isn't in the tool shed, water shed, bunkie or chicken coop so where is it? I have no idea. I need help.

I'll keep looking and maybe find it in the spring when all the snow has melted and I have a new shovel waiting to disappear. Of course I'm sure I put it in a safe place, just don't recall where the safe place is. Any suggestions?

Until next time be safe and write things down. That's my new plan, record where I put things and draw a map. That's the plan but I'm not holding out much hope for success.

Time to keep looking.


  1. The trick to finding lost items, is to buy another. The moment you return home the old item is found;)

  2. Did you put it in the trunk of your vehicle, in case of road emergencies?

  3. Hi Don; May have to try that.

    Lori; Checked the trunk, no shovel.