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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Mary was scheduled to have a followup consultation with her radiologist in October but that didn't happen. She called but when the hospital didn't call back she figured they were busy and would call when ready.
Two weeks ago the pain in her leg returned and Mary knew it was definitely time for a consultation. Thursday they called and booked Mary for a 7 am appointment Monday morning at Sunnybrook Hospital.
This worked out just fine as we were spending the weekend in St Catharines with my sister and brother-in-law. We had a great time with Carol and Don and left Sunday night for Toronto. There we stayed with Leanne and Jamie which made our 7 a.m. appointment doable.
We arrived before 7 to an empty parking lot, got a spot close to the doors and then went in to find the right department and get registered. Dr Sahgal arrived about 7:20 and the questions and examination began soon after. He and Dr Myrehaug were very thorough and answered all our questions and concerns putting Mary to ease with their manner and assurance of the procedure. We thought we would be heading home by 8 as we were only booked for a consultation. Surprise!
At 8 we were sent upstairs for an X-ray with an MRI hopefully booked for Tuesday. We returned to get the word on the x-ray and we're informed that there was no bone damage to the spine. Good news! Better news was the MRI could be done at 9:30 as there was a cancellation.
So before we left at 12:15 Mary had an x-ray, MRI, Cat scan, body mold, and tattoos done, far more than we ever expected when our consultation visit was booked on short notice.
Mary will return December 1st for and hour of radiation followed by another session Dec 2nd. Her followup for this procedure will be January 22nd.
The radiation sessions are designed to cut off the blood supply to the tumor and thus keep it from growing.
Driving home we just couldn't believe all that was done and how kind, thoughtful and compassionate everyone was who looked after us.
We are now home, enjoying our wood stove and the solitude of our forest covered in the first major snowfall of the season.
I will keep you posted and we both thank everyone for all their support, love and prayers. We are blessed to be in such good hands.
Safe travels and thanks for stopping by.

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