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Sunday, 27 November 2016


Bread making has become our new passion. It takes two days before we finally have a loaf worthy of the effort and rewarded in every savoury bite we take.

 The first day Mary's focus is creating the dough. Every thirty minutes it needs to be stirred by hand and then covered and placed in a warm room.

The warmest room here is our mechanical room where out water heater brings the room temperature up to 78*F, perfect for the dough.

On the second day after a few final adjustments it is time to bake the loaf.

Our Big Green Egg barbecue has become our baking oven. We first get it up to 500*F along with the cast-iron pot for baking the bread.

Once we reach that temperature the dough is placed inside the pot and the lid applied. Twenty minutes later we remove the lid and reduce the temperature to 450*F.

Another twenty minutes of baking and this is the loaf ready to be cooled and eaten; unbelievably delicious and nutritious.

Next baking will be on Tuesday and we will reduce the temperatures and time as we are still experimenting on baking the perfect loaf.

Today we are making potato leek soup which we will enjoy along with the sourdough bread we baked last night.

Time to go and feed the chickens.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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