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Wednesday 30 September 2015


Yesterday I attempted to fix my computer problems. I removed "Chrome browser" from my operating system and then re-installed it hoping to correct the problem; didn't happen.

I then did a google search for help and visited a web site which promised a solution. In a few minutes a "technician" phoned and after much discussion and explanations he wanted $200.00 to fix my computer and keep it running smoothly for the next two years.

Somehow the "red flags" went up and I said I would call back in twenty four hours.

Decided to go back to the technical support people from Costco as that is where I bought my computer. He ran some tests, same as the tech guy who called me and then began to eliminate some hidden programs that were slowing down my computer and preventing some uploads. No cost as I bought a three year coverage with the computer.

So, my computer is running faster and I have access to functions that had disappeared earlier but we are still not back to 100%. As it was now almost six p.m. and this whole process had taken over two hours I was glad to call it a day and see what had been cleaned up.

If you are having computer problems and seek help from an unknown web site be cautious. Sharks lurk everywhere and are ready to take big chunks of your money. The tech guy who called us wanted $500.00 for a "lifetime?" coverage and protection of my computer. Who falls for such sale's pitch? The desperate, and when your computer doesn't work properly we are desperate. Be warned and be wise, don't grasp for the first straw that floats by. Find someone you know and trust.

Today it's another call to Costco and more help from their technician.

Safe travels everyone, I'll keep you posted.

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