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Thursday, 24 September 2015


Just home from four wonderful days in Algonquin Park. The weather was perfect but the fall colours are still a week or two away from their peak show point.

We did enjoy lazy days around the campfire as well as our daily paddle on Lake of Two Rivers.

This is the beach at Two Rivers and we left our canoe here as did many others. None were locked down and none disappeared during our stay so I guess campers can be trusted at least those in our provincial parks.

This is typical of the shoreline in Algonquin Park. This area was heavily logged in the 1800 and the pine logs sent to Britain to be used in the construction of their sailing ships. Today there is still logging going on but it is controlled and many areas have been sent aside for wilderness camping.

We spent some time in the canoe each day and Mary enjoyed the opportunity to fish; unfortunately the fish weren't biting when we were on the water.

We did enjoy getting close to the Mergansers and 

Loons, but even they would dive and disappear if we drifted too close.

Will we go back next year; for sure. If folks from Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Japan make the effort to visit so should we. 

If you haven't been for a while don't hesitate to plan a trip; you won't be disappointed. Camping facilities are top-notch and there are lodges within the park if that is more to your liking.

Algonquin is also a great place to see the fall colours if you pick the right dates.  Maybe next year we will have better luck.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Art, I remember lovely days in Algonquin in my 20s. Actually drove through the park in October for my honeymoon. Gotta get back there...

    Love the homey simplicity of your blog.