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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Not every day is smooth sailing here. So how did that happen?

Now that my blood pressure is back to normal and the window has been repaired I can share the story.

A few weeks ago I was moving logs to build up the laneway on the west side of the house. These are long logs and I couldn't see both ends without turning my head.

Since I was moving between the house and the solar panels my focus was staying clear of the panels. Damaging the panels would put us in serious difficulty.

Moving slowly and cautiously I thought all was fine until I heard that sickening crunch over the noise of the bobcat. The sight at the other end wasn't pretty. I had embedded the log nicely into the window through all three panels of glass. I knew this wouldn't be a cheap repair.

There was more bad news inside. The crank handle had been torn from the frame so the damage was much greater than first realized. 

Today all is back to normal, almost. The glass has been replaced thanks to Kawartha glass in Peterborough who did a fine job. I need to do some epoxy repair around the crank but it did go back into place and we can crank the window open with care.

Lesson learned, drag those long logs, don't swing them in the air as they may go places you hadn't expected.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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