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Friday 2 January 2015


Don't you love it when you buy something and then discover it for half the price a week later? That really ticks me off. What's with prices anyway?

Case in point:

We've both been fighting colds the past month and we've been trying different natural approaches to get rid of them; netti pot, steam, epsom salt bath, teas, eating more oranges, taking vitamins, etc. Still have our colds.

Went to town last week and while we were in the Health Food store Mary noticed this product.

Price was $20.00 for a box of 30 packets, a little steep but hay, if it makes you better why not try it. Before putting it our shopping cart I said "lets check the drug store and compare before buying".

We live in a small town. The shopping area is 3 blocks long and choices are limited, but we do have 2 drug stores and two grocery stores so there is some competition.

Surprise, the same product at the drug store sells for $16.50. Great that saves $3.50 but today it's on sale for $12.99, wow, a $7.00 saving.  Every time I can save a dollar it makes me smile, saving $7.00 is a big smile. 

But along with the sale price there was a manufacture's coupon for another $5.00 off, so now the price is down to $7.99 a grand saving of $12.00 or 60% off. Almost did a dance in the isle. 

Always happy to find a bargain but you've got to be careful out there. Stores are a minefield, full of a few bargains, but also a few that will hurt your wallet. 

The best advice, know the price before you toss it into your cart. 

Do you have a shopping story to share?

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  1. I love bargains as well. BUT does it help ?? I can't recall a time when more folks are fighting colds and flu bugs. Poor |Matt was ill nearly the entire time off and this happened while they hosted his brother and sister in law from N. Zealand for 2weeks..... Neil and Mason have also had flu bugs....NOT FUN. Hope you folks are on the mend.