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Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Our friend George passed away this week, he was 83. Now you might think 83 is a good age to pass on but George was an active 83 still working in the bush each day. It was a logging accident that claimed his life.

Somehow George was struck on the side of his head and knocked unconscious. He was working alone so what actually happened no one knows. He was rushed to the hospital but never recovered. 

He was the kind of guy who made you feel valued, always had a handshake and was glad to see you, time to chat and share a story. He will be missed.

I'm not blogging as frequently as in the past. We are in the grips of winter, enjoying a quiet life back in the bush, keeping warm by the fire and reading some enjoyable books we don't find the time to open during our busy summers.

We don't have much snow but our temperatures have plummeted to -20*C or colder at night with highs during the day of -13*C

We've both been fighting colds and sinus congestion for a month. That kept us from family gatherings during Christmas and at home during New Year's celebrations. Today we are both much better, not 100% but better. Mary has been reading about histamine intolerance and we will do more experimenting and research to see if that has been the cause of her allergic reactions over the years. 

The birds and squirrels continue to visit our feeders. The deer seem to have gone deeper into the bush. We haven't seen any for some time now.  Soon, the days will be warmer and longer, the sap will begin to flow again and we will be into maple syrup season.

Stay warm and healthy. To our friends down south, enjoy a walk on the beach for us and we look forward to seeing you when you get back in the spring.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us and safe travels Bob.

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