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Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The past few days we've had a chance to visit with Sherri, Rob and Owen. Matter of fact we had a chance to visit with all our children on our way down to see Owen.

He was so happy and excited to see us and gave Oma a huge hug when we arrived. He is just full of love.

Sherri showed us his "art" wall where all is creations from daycare are proudly displayed for all to admire. 

New skates were purchased this year but the actual skating may still be a year away. Learning to skate is a major challenge when you are only two. Rob wisely bought skates that Owen can grow in to. 

Owen and Oma figure out how to make the train go and stop. Every boy needs a train set and Owen loves to watch the engine go around and around on the track.

Owen's aunt Leanne sent over a "Playdough" road construction kit which Owen was delighted with. If it has wheels and looks like a truck he is happy.

It was a wonderful day playing together and having nothing to do but focus on our favourite grandson. He brings such joy into our lives.

See you in a few weeks Owen.

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