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Thursday 8 January 2015


It's cold up here, -26*C as we roll out of bed to start another day. Our wood stove is working just fine, keeping us warm and happy.

Late yesterday about 4:30 Mary spotted a beautiful, healthy fox tracking the snow just outside our window. He was on the move, nose close to the ground, he crossed in front of the house then down to the pond.

We sat silently marveling at how he zigzagged back and forth, stopping, then pouncing into the snow. He was too far away to observe his success, but judging from his healthy appearance he must be a good hunter.

Living in the bush has it's own rewards and we love our front row seat to nature.

No he didn't get our chickens. Their coop is as secure as Fort Knox.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us and stay warm everyone.

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