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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Yesterday we visited several sugar bush operations in the area so Trudy could see how diversified the maple syrup production is.

Gerry's operation is very traditional using a wood fired evaporator to produce delicious maple syrup with just a hint of smoke flavour. It's the best.

This was his first boil off for 2017 and when we visited in the morning he had both fires burning brightly.

Constant attention is need to prevent the sap from overheating and burning, Here Gerry adds more sap to the first pan. Trudy was amazed at how sweet the smell was inside the sugar shack. A candy store couldn't smell any better.

In the afternoon the girls went ice-fishing and came home with this splake. Trudy had it for supper and wants to try again on Friday. Thanks to Durl's ice-auger it will be so much easier for us to go fishing whenever we want. If you can't drill a hole you can't go fishing.

We are expecting company before noon and with the temperatures back below freezing (-14*C) I think we will enjoy the visit around the wood stove.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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