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Tuesday 11 August 2020



Whenever Owen and Kate visit we use this table as their craft table. Yesterday we decided to have a picnic supper on the deck.

Owen washed the table off and then Kate helped her mom set the table while Oma prepared the food.

While we ate Penny slept which meant we could enjoy supper without her jumping all over us.

I see dessert is on the table, which brings a smile as Mary's cake with a cream cheese middle is so delicious. Thanks to Owen I finally got in a picture.

Owen and Oma checking out mosquito bites. Yes, mosquitoes are still around and protection is needed especially if you go for a walk in the woods.

Today the kids head home and we will miss them. 

Thoughts are turning to school and wondering how that will look. It will be an anxious time for everyone until we have a vaccine for this Covid 19 virus.

Stay safe and well and thanks for stopping by.

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