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Monday 31 August 2020



It's always a delight when the kids and the grandkids all visit at the same time. A little hetic but meals went well.

Frankie really enjoyed the porch swing and almost fell sleep as mom and dad gave her gentle pushes

At the park she showed no fear of heights.

Not sure if the kids were planning the next gathering or what we would have for lunch. Food is always  important when families get together and they are all excellent cooks.

While the older kids talked the grandkids played.

This pully system was too high for Owen to reach but he solved the problem and enjoyed the ride.

Penny and Kate checked out the garden beds. I was impressed with the variety of vegetables available for anyone to pick and enjoy. Bancroft does a great job making food available for everyone.

Penny likes to be friends with everyone and this large dog was very gentle with her.

The best part of any weekend is cooking marshmellows over the fire.

Weekends go by too quickly when we get together.

Stay safe and well Owen.

Thanks for stopping by.

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