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Saturday 15 August 2020



This morning we headed north to the Combermere Farmers' Market our usual Saturday outing. We didn't get away until after nine but as you can see the traffic wasn't too bad.

This market is always well attended as it has an excellent selection of produce and crafts from talented and dedicated local farmers and businesses.

Since we now have Penny, our first stop was the "Dog cookies" tent. Yes, we now buy cookies for the dog rather than for ourselves. These treats are homemade and we use them as training rewards.

We also needed to touch base with the Schults Family Farm folks and see when our meat order for this winter would be ready. Fortunately it will be sometime the first of October which is perfect for us.

We then headed further north to Barry's Bay where Mary dropped Penny and me at this park while she went fabric shopping.

I don't think I read more than three chapters before Mary was back and we all enjoyed lunch. Penny was excellent, staying calm when folks walked past without jumping and barking. We plan to take her camping in a few weeks once we have done a few more of these short day trips.

The best part of the morning was a call from Mary's cousin out in BC. They chatted for an hour as we headed home. If all goes well and this Covid- 19 virus is under control we plan to visit together either here in Ontario or out west in BC. A lot can happen in a year so we won't get too excited until we are packing and hooking up the trailer.

Stay safe everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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