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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Sherri originally planned the party for December but when Mary wasn't healing as quickly as we hoped, it was moved to last weekend. It was so good to see everyone and get caught up on all the news. It has been almost a year since we've all been together like this and it was so overdue.

Food was brought and shared by everyone. Paul did an excellent job on the turkey, Mary's bread tasted like it came from a bakery,  Margaret's apple betty was delicious and Andrew's cake disappeared too quickly. And Sherri outdid herself with a large platter of tamales. We all went away a little overstuffed.

The food was served buffet style which is great as one can return for seconds without being observed.

I wondered why Owen and Lionel were so quiet but then realized they were enjoying supper as they watched cartoons. What better way to entertain little boys.

Every family needs an uncle Paul who always has energy to entertain the kids. This little acrobatic stunt was performed right after eating without incident; much to my amazement.

Once uncle Paul needed a rest the boys decided to attack uncle Andrew who defended himself admirably.

Gifts were exchanged after the tables were cleared. We strive for homemade gifts when possible so the hats, chocolate, fire-starters, soap, and even a quilt, were all greatly appreciated.

Owen loved the skeleton jacket his aunt Margaret gave him and the pirate outfit from Oma was definitely a big hit.

The best photo of Katie's first party taken by Jamie who always captures his subjects at their best. Isn't she a cutie? . Hope you don't mind me sharing the picture Jamie.

Finally some quiet time with Oma before going to bed.

It was a great day thanks to everyone and a special thanks to Rob and Sherri for looking after hosting the party.

When's the next one?

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